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NEWS: Craig is now booking clients for January and February in Hastings on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.

Please use the client portal or message via https://www.facebook.com/healthcentre.net.au for more details.

For Your Body

For Your Mind

Myotherapy, Health, & Fitness Mental & Emotional Health

This section is for those seeking help, advice, and guidance for their bodies. From long term and intractable conditions, through to tune ups for maximum health and performance; myotherapy and visceral manipulation can often supply results that have been elusive until now.

Weight control, health improvement, and fitness guidance, including exercise analysis and advice for maximum gains are also a part of the services offered in this section.

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This section is for those seeking mental health and emotional health counseling. Please note that this is a counseling service and is not a diagnostic or clinical psychology service. Delivery is via video link counseling (or personal for those able to attend rooms in Victoria, Australia). Relationship, personal development, emotional development, and family dynamics are the main focus of this practice. 

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    For Your Spirit

    Specialist Consulting

    This section is both a stand alone section for spiritual development coaching and development, as well as being an extension to our Mind services. Specific to this section are shamanic counseling, spiritual guidance, and spiritual development consultation. Hourly, half day, and full day consultations, retreat facilitation and ceremony leading or facilitation services are all included in this section. Also offered by individual arrangement are multi-day and multi-week retreats.

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    Coming in 2018

    • Facial Action Coding & Microexpressions
    • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
    • Individual and Group Consultations




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