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During Your Myotherapy Visit – Q & A

During Your Myotherapy Visit

Questions and Answers

Do I have to get undressed?

A – No, Craig's work is done fully clothed. The only things you will be asked to remove are shoes and belt as well as emptying your pockets. Please do not wear anything with sequins, stones, or other surface details. The best type of clothes to wear are clean, loose clothes that don't restrict your movement. Please also don't wear clothes that are too fragile, as pressure may be applied through cloths, and things like aged silk may be stressed or torn with this style of work.

What if something is happening I am uncomfortable about?

A – Please tell Craig at the time. You are encouraged to communicate as much as possible about what is happening. Without accurate feedback, Craig can only guess at how you are feeling. Because Craig respects your personal space and boundaries, anything that makes you uncomfortable should be mentioned so he can avoid those things.

I don't notice anything happening like clicking or crunching during the visit, is this normal?

A – Often, yes. Especially for first time clients, the feeling is often one of questioning everything that happened as the treatment is so gentle and simple. Trust the results. Craig works on a simple philosophy of, "proof is good and results are everything!" By the time you have been a couple of times, you will find your awareness increases so you are clearly feeling the adjustments and changes as they occur.

Does Craig 'crack'?

A – No. Manipulations, the classic 'crunch' under sharp movement, are not a part of Myotherapy. There can often be the 'clunks' of parts moving back into alignment, but these are the same types of noises you get when having a good stretch and are of a totally different nature to the classic 'cruching' style of manipulation.

How much should I tell Craig about how I am feeling during the visit?

A – Tell Craig everything. Your job is to provide as accurate and concise feedback as you can so Craig can figure out what is going on.

Should I book for longer than a standard appointment block?

A – Most complaints can be accurately and effectively addressed in a single consultation unit (35 minutes maximum). Some highly involved work and some alternate energy work does require a double booking. Please discuss this with Craig or Reception when booking.

I am an elite/professional sports person. Will my training negate Craig's work?

A – Craig has worked with professional sports-persons for many years and grades the style and extent of each visit to cater to a high-level activity regime. 

In which sports and fields has Craig got direct experience?

Craig has worked very successfully coaching/condition coaching/performance in Swimming, Muay Thai, Boxing, Golf, Track and Field (sprinting and <5000m events) and Tennis; as well as considerable experience in modern, jazz and classical dance.