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Commonly Suggested Supplements – Methylation Issues

Undermethylation Supplement Regime

This regime is best split during the day. I dissolve the powders into a glass of water, add a teaspoon of psyllium husks, and drink it down. Splitting the daily dose allows for more consistent absorption and benefit.

These are listed in order of priority and least potential for any side-effect.

Statement: I do not have any financial or other beneficial relationship with any of the suppliers listed below. I have used them all personally, and found their prices and quality good, but leave your purchase decisions to you.

1. Activated B Complex – by Herbs of Gold  This is a methylated formula of B’s not reliant on your body’s correct methylation for absorption or use. Everything from nervous system, digestion, growth, metabolism,.. everything,.. requires functional levels of available vitamin B’s.

     Starting dose and typical dose; 1 daily in the morning, up to 2 if very deficient.

2. TriMethylGlycine (Betaine TMG or Betaine Anhydrous) – Especially useful to decrease homocysteine levels. Used to methylate toxins and to enable disposal of many waste products, even heavy metals. Homocysteine is a naturally occurring substance, but is problematic if levels get too high, especially triggering systemic inflammations, and often mimicking low-level auto-immune issues.

     Starting dose 1-1.5g daily, typical dose 2-2.5g and up to 4g daily if required.

3. Citicoline – CDP Choline – A precursor to acetylcholine, a major neurotransmitter in the body. Vital to anything that needs to do something in your body. (Not being overdramatic, acetylcholine is that important.) Acetylcholine production requires a healthy methylation cycle, and under methylators will commonly be low/deficient in their capacity to produce choline/acetylcholine.

     Starting dose 250mg [1/4 gram], typical dose 250-300mg, up to 400mg daily in extreme deficiency.

4. L-methionine – An essential amino-acid that works towards patching the non-functional roles of COMT, AHCY and parts of the MTHFR methylation issues. ADD/ASD/Anxiety/insomnia/some gut issues seem to respond well with l-methionine included daily.

     Start 1.5-2g daily, typical 2-2.5g and up to 4g daily.

This combination seems to address much of the gaps in the methylation cycle at the metabolic level. Brain fog, distraction, hyper focus, sensory issues, anxiety, depression, digestive issues are all in the list of potential positives for this nutrient group.

For the Activated B Complex, we have found or to be competitive for pricing and delivery.

TMG and L-Methionine we buy from 

The CDP Choline we use is Nutritional Health Supplements brand, and can be found at or via their online store in ebay.