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A Client’s Experience of Myotherapy

The experience of Myotherapy is different for every person. This is because when Myotherapy is practiced as functional medicine, each client requires something different. At its heart, Myotherapy is about only delivering that which is needed by the client at the time. On this page we will detail a couple of experiences from a client’s point of view.


Client Experience #1

Presenting with pain and limited movement in the right shoulder and base of the neck since falling from a water-ski a few weeks ago; this man is of average health and is in his mid twenties. The problem has actually resolved to be a movement restriction in the suspension system of his liver, taking his breathing and movement away from symmetry and triggering his pain and discomfort.

Craig got me lying down on his table and put his hand on my chest; then he got me to take two big breaths and said, “Right, now we know what’s happening!” and I thought, ‘yeah? We’ll see.’

He got one hand under the centre of my back and put his other hand on my chest with a little downward pressure. Then he asked me to curl my head, neck and chest forward into a stomach crunch. When I was up there, he got me to take a few different breaths while we moved about slightly. Then he lay me back down and took his hands away. I sat up and tested by shoulder and neck; THERE WAS NO PAIN! I don;t mind saying it is a bit freaky, but he [Craig] explained how the liver needed defending and was ultimately causing my shoulder and neck pain.

Four weeks on and my neck and shoulder is as good as ever and my breathing still feels deeper and easier. I started skeptical and now tell everyone about him.

 Client Experience #2

Deep pain in the base of the spine and pain in the left leg for five weeks. This lady has not felt ‘right’ since a c-section delivery of her third child seven months ago.

My mother insisted I come to see Craig. When I arrived, he was really easy to talk to and did not seem like he was interested in anything else but helping me. I loved that he asked me to tell him if he was doing anything that did not feel right, even for no reason at all. His respect for me and my feelings made me feel much happier.

After he felt my tummy during a breath, he asked me about my period pain and bladder urgency. I had not told him about these, but he said it wasn’t a psychic thing, just plain old anatomy. As an ex-nurse, if he’d said anything else, I would have bailed out there and then!

He put a couple of fingers in the base of my tummy, just above the bone and got me to slowly lift my knee towards my nose, and then out to a side and down. We did this a few times with different positions for his fingers and my leg raises. Then he asked me to sit straight up.

No-Way! I sat up waiting for the pain but it wasn’t there. I have not been able to sit up with legs out straight since my second child. There I was, sitting up in comfort. Then he got me to stand up and bend; which I did without pain. I loved that he told me it was not his work fixing me, but that he was just getting my body in touch with itself to do its own fixing. I’ve had two more visits and I feel like a new woman. If only he could make the spare 10 kilos disappear too!

 Words from Craig:

These experiences of healing belong to the clients involved. The only healer in the room is the person with the injury. My job as a therapist is to help your body and brain realise and recognise what is going wrong, and offer a solution. All changes come from your own body, not from my intervention. This is why the results stay long-term, they came from your own body’s recognition of a problem and it own fixing of that problem; I am just the assistant in the process.

I can’t help everyone, no one can. I have had my own pain and had many dollars taken from me with promises with no results to back them up. My promise to all my clients is honesty; If I can help, I will show you and if I can’t, I will tell you, straight up and with honesty.