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Privacy Policy (Craig Berry’s Health Centre) does not use tracking or collect personal data other than essential cookies required for functionality of some plug-ins. We keep no record of web activity, but some plug-ins may keep IP addresses etc. for functionality.

Client Records

Client records, booking data etc. are all contained within Cliniko, a practice management and bookings integration software. No personal data is retained on local systems.

Client history forms completed on Google Docs are deleted as soon as they have been copied across to Cliniko storage. (Please see for more details of Clinko’s policies and privacy measures.)

SPAM, Phishing and Spoof emails. Unless you initiate a booking action, we will not email you. If information has been requested by you via email, then you will receive a direct response. Uninvited or unsolicited emails can safely be disregarded as not having originated from us.

Text/SMS will only come from +61 410406016. We will NOT use any other number to communicate from.