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Before Your Myotherapy Visit – Q & A

Before Your Myotherapy Visit

Questions and Answers

Why do I need to fill out a New Client Questionnaire in such detail?

A – Many different techniques are conditional, meaning that certain pre-existing conditions or injury history might make a specific movement dangerous or less-than-optimum.  Our ideal is to "First, do no harm" so we need to know what has happened to you before we plan a solution.

Can I download, print and bring in my New Client Questionnaire to save time?

A – YES!  Please click here to download a PDF to complete and bring in with you.

I have X-rays, MRIs etc, should I bring them with me?

A – YES!  The easiest way of looking at this question, your job is to tell us everything and our job is to sift through that data pool and know what's relevant to your visit.

Can you tell me how many visits I will need?

A – The short answer is, "Nobody can!"  Anyone who says different is either fooling themselves or you.  Once we know how your body is responding, we should be able to give you a pretty reliable estimate of time and visits for outcome.

Can you assure me that Myotherapy can fix me?

A – There is no one therapy that can fix everything.  In simple terms, if acupuncture could fix everything, by application of simple market forces, there would only be acupuncture,.. likewise for every modality.  What we can promise is honesty and to show you if we can or tell you if we can't.

Other therapists in my past have not answered or even actively discouraged questions; is this going to happen here too?

A – We want you to be involved and educated about your body and its challenges.  If you understand the 'why' of what we tell you, you are far more likely to follow that advice and get better faster.  We will do our very best to give you as much information as you want or need.

The reason I am coming in is part of a legal case, can you write a report for me?

A – We have made the decision to NOT participate in medico-legal cases and third party billing. Reports will be prepared at $160 per 45 minute block of preparation time (flag-fall).  We will happily supply a copy of your records and visits though for $10 admin fees.

Do you do Work Cover, Third Party or Compo cases?

A – Due to the nature of these cases, we will happily see someone under Work Cover or Compensation BUT these visits are billed and paid for by the client and then reimbursed through the insurer at the client's co-ordination. At NO time will this clinic participate in third party billing of any kind (when we did, it ended up costing us too many headaches and far too much lost time). Let us know at the time and we will print a second copy of your receipt for  your submission.  We WILL NOT bill the insurer directly as in the past, this has been a nightmare resulting in too much wasted time jumping through needless and wasteful administrative hoops.