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Waitlist Request

Please use this form to request a waitlisting. Where possible, use this form after booking the next suitable appointment time. >>Click here to make a booking.<< NEW CLIENTS: Please make a “Waitlist Placeholder” appointment prior to sending in this form as we need your details in the system to waitlist you. (This placeholder will be cancelled as soon as your details are saved.)

If no suitable appointment time is available, please use this form and I will do my best to accommodate you.

New Clients - Please set a "Waitlist Placeholder" in any available space. This enters your details into the system for wait-list offers; the placeholder booking will be deleted as soon as you're placed on the waitlist.
(Please write your name as you're known to me - no nick-names please?)
Waitlist offers are sent by text in the first instance, so please include a mobile number.
Please tell me (in minutes) how long it would take you from receiving an offer to presenting in clinic for a consultation. If you are realistically 45 minutes away, we will not offer a space only 15 minutes away.
This is asked to triage offers in order of need. Thank you for your honesty.
Please select your preferred appointment times, or specify a specific time and day below. If you need a specific day not in these hours, please submit a special appointment request.
Please use this field to detail your need for a specific time (e.g. 5pm only) or for a specific reason (e.g. Bringing "Jane X" for her appointment at 3pm and would like the 4pm if possible, please?)