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Booking Conditions & Fees

Please read through the fees and booking conditions so we can prevent any ‘surprises’.

Professional Fees

Consultations have up to 35 minutes allocated per unit. (Appointments are typically 25-35 minutes.) If you desire a longer consultation, simply book 2 consecutive spaces.

Whilst electronic payments are preferred, bank transfer, PayPal or cash are also accepted.

Clinical Myotherapy (per unit): $130.00

Out-Of-Hours rate per unit. ($190)
Week-end rate per unit. ($250)
Holiday rate per unit. ($325)

(All non-standard appointments are limited to prior arrangements or emergencies only, please)

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Booking Conditions

These Booking Conditions are based upon mutual respect and responsibility.

All parties agree, when setting a reservation, to attend that reservation. We agree to be available to you at our mutually agreed upon appointment time, and you agree to present at that time in a suitably clean state*. You agree to pay for any reservations you set with us whether: attended; unattended without notice; or canceled on short notice**. Those disputing their responsibility for an unattended appointment or late cancellation** will NOT be booked again, and upon payment of the outstanding fee, treatment notes will be prepared and alternate practitioners offered. All payments are due at time of consultation – we accept cash, cheque, or electronic payments via Paypal (including credit cards).

IMPORTANT: All in-person consultations with me (Craig) MUST be without artificial fragrances or scents. NO exceptions will be made. Any person presenting for in-person work wearing clothes, products or scents with artificial fragrances or scents will not be seen, but will be billed. This is NOT a preference, but a personal medical requirement.I (Craig) will not sacrifice my health to help someone else gain theirs. I consult with Autistic and PTSD people who are regularly hyper-sensitive and allergic to these same agents, and will not compromise their health or healing. If you are unsure, please call and check. If you are not prepared to present scent free for in-person work, please do not book, as it will waste our time and your money.

* Suitably Clean – Clients who present wearing any scented products (see above), or present with clothing or self with oil, dirt and similar will NOT be seen, nor will those drenched in sweat from work-outs or other activities – this is about mutual respect and professional standards. Please ensure you have enough time to clean up before your appointment time. Again, suitably clean includes not wearing any scented products including deodorants, personal fragrances, moisturizers, body cremes or any other products, as well as clothes washed in scented detergents and fabric softeners, or incidentally sprayed or contaminated with scents or fragrances. There will be NO exceptions made, as a little is STILL too much.** Cancellation on Short Notice – are bookings canceled with less than 24 hours notice before a set appointment time. Note: Late cancellation fees will only be levied if we are unable to on-sell the canceled time slot. If you know you can’t make an appointment and you’re inside the 24 hour window, please Contact Me ASAP and I will do my best to on-sell that appointment.

Private Health Fund Rebates

As I’ve been overseas for a number of years and officially closed the old practice on the 30th of May, 2013, all my old health fund memberships and association recognitions became defunct. Part of deciding to go back into limited practice was opting out of the medico-legal merry-go-’round (which can be soul-sucking) and set up on a straight fee-for-service basis.

Worker’s Comp / 3rd Party Billing / Medico-Legal and Private Compensation

I do not participate in third party billing, nor do I participate in medico-legal / compensation cases.  My participation in these schemes is simply not commercially or personally practical.  I apologize for any inconvenience.

Treatment reports (beyond a basic copy of notes) will be charged based upon time taken to complete at the incremental rates listed above.  Personal representation is charged at $220 per hour (or part thereof) + $95 call-out fee if off-site.


All reservations are made and accepted subject to the Booking Conditions detailed above.  By making a reservation, you agree to be bound by these conditions, as do we. We appreciate that your time is valuable and with this in mind we do our best to run to scheduled times. Please do the right thing and let us know if there is a problem in keeping to your appointment time. If running late, please let us know, we may be able to juggle the next client in early and preserve the balance of remaining time for you.

We ask that you nominate a phone number when booking for a courtesy reminders, made Sunday/Monday of the appointment week, and again on the morning of your appointment. This is done to minimise chances of a missed appointment and extra fees.