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Hello, and welcome! If you’re new here, chances are good you’re looking for straight answers as to why something hurts, something keeps going wrong, or something won’t get better.

My practice is about getting to the reason an issue exists. The theory is if A causes B, which then causes C [and so on]; unless A is addressed, the issues happening at every step are unlikely to get better.

Myotherapy is appropriate to a wide variety of issues, whether it’s a pain from an old work injury, a car accident, a fresh sports issue, or even a comprehensive ‘tune-up’ to counter a bit of what life throws at us. Digestive, reproductive, and respiratory issues are common but less obvious reasons for people to come and see me.

Below, you’ll find a heap of links. If this is your first time here, please take your time and have a look around as there’s a heap of interesting and effective information.

The Essentials:

Hours: Tuesday to Thursday, 11am to 6pm (last appt 5pm) Out-of-Hours appointments can be requested by clicking here.

New Fees – Price Dropped: After takling with many clients since March when fees went up, we (Jos and I) have decided to reduce the consult fee back to $130 (cash or card) during regular hours for up to 35 minutes per unit. (Health fund rebates not applicable.) Whilst electronic payment is preferred, cash and bank transfer is also accepted.

Location: 644 Gilston Road, Gilston (Approx. 7 minutes inland from Nerang.) Please take a few moments to look at this page for photos, map, Google Maps link, and directions to avoid getting “geographically challenged”.

Very Important: Please do NOT wear ANY scented products during your visit (including clothes previously sprayed). Perfumes, aftershaves, scented deodorants, and scented body cremes cause severe reactions to my health, and I must refuse service to anyone wearing scented products for my own health and wellbeing.

Myotherapy (as I practice it)…

… is appropriate for both immediate and long term/intractable conditions. From acute problems to general “tune-ups” for maximum functional health, myotherapy and visceral manipulation frequently offer results that may have been elusive until now. The primary goal of myotherapy [as I practice it] is to find and resolve the “why” of a problem; the “what” is easy (it hurts), but when something comes back again and again, there’s a good chance there is a “why” going unaddressed. On a practical note, my hands do have load limits, so I must necessarily limit the types of movements I do with larger clients.

Our first consultation is a two-way interview to see if we can work together, and to assess how your specific issue/s responds to the work I do.

More information about myotherapy, client experiences, and a questions and answers section covering as much as I can think of.

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Viruses and illnesses

This practice maintains relatively strong anti-virus procedures as a number of my clientele are very high-risk, including respiratory and transplant cases.

You may be asked to wear a mask if we have a highly vulnerable person due in.

Here is how the policy breaks down:

Please stay home:
If you are actively symptomatic (coughing, sneezing, fever, nausea etc.)
If a close contact is actively sick or is quite symptomatic.

You can come in but please remain masked for the whole time you’re inside:

If you are slightly symptomatic (hay fever, end of a cold, end of a flu etc.)
If a close contact is slightly symptomatic but you are fine.

Please treat any known exposure to Covid, RSV, influenza etc. with great caution in all cases. Covid especially is causing a heap of post-illness issues that are difficult, to say the least.


Fast Links

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