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After Your Myotherapy Visit – Q & A

After Your Myotherapy Visit

Questions and Answers

I feel a bit tight or strange, is this normal?

A – YES, what you are likely to be feeling is 'change'.  It can take up to 36 hours for the body to adapt to the changes it has achieved during your visit.  If you feel that something is not right, PLEASE contact usASAP.  We'd rather assure you that all is OK rather than have you going through something that is easily remedied.

If I feel a bit tight or strange but am not sure if it is right or not, what should I do?

A – Let us know – that's what we're here for!  For Craig's clients, from Tuesday to Thursday, please call the clinic, for all other days, please visit the Contact Portal for options

If I feel so good after a visit, why does it feel like part of the problem is coming back?

A – Although we can take some tension out of your tissues, we can only take it as far as your body is happy to go at the time.  It feels better because it is in a happier position, but it may not yet be ideal, hence the returning feeling of some symptoms in some cases. In many cases, postural habits and activity habits will have been identified as triggers for a problem; in these cases, those triggering factors must be addressed by you, the client, before long-term recovery will have a chance of occurring.

Can I combine Myotherapy with other therapies?

A – Yes,.. But!  We recommend only ever changing one thing at a time so you can attribute any changes you're feeling, positive or negative, to one thing.  Say you see us, see your Chiro and stop your anti-inflammatory meds all on the same day and then feel worse; there is no way of knowing what part of the changes made are active in your health picture. We recommend 48-72 hours between changes so you can reliably say what is working for you and what is not.

What's the best thing for me to do after a consultation?

A – Take it easy and be sensible about things.  Just 'cause you're feeling better, the vacuuming and mopping should still wait for another day!  Give your body a chance to get familiar with the changes that have happened.

Can I play sport / train following a visit?

A – This really incorporates the above two answers and is discouraged BUT,.. if you do need to train or play following a visit, please tell us before we start so we can modify our treatment accordingly.