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Administration & Procedures Q & A

Administration Q & A

Questions and Answers
Why do I get an SMS &/or call in the morning, even if I have talked to you the day before?

A – Because part of our booking conditions require payment for all missed reservations and late cancellations, we offer our clients every opportunity to attend their reserved time. Replying to the SMS in the morning lets us know that you are remembering the reservation,.. after all, life can get busy! If you really do not want confirmation, or need to have your appointment confirmed, please let us know.

Why do you send me the weekend before my appointment?

A – For the same reason as above. Making sure that you are planning for your reserved time makes all of our lives easier, and prevents needing to pay for a missed appointment, while at the same time allowing us enough time to on-sell your reservation should you not be able to make it. In the pandemic, it also ensures everyone is on the same page regarding covid-safe responsibilities.

I can’t reply to an SMS in the morning, can I confirm any other way?

A – YES!  You can confirm anytime 24 hours before your appointment online, or by email/phone.

Why can’t I just let someone else I know have my appointment?

A – To be fair, we triage to offer vacancies in order of priority from our waiting list.  This means we can’t allow substitution without consultation.  If a reservation is vacated, it must be offered to the most needy on our triage list to be fair to all.  If time is short and you can’t make it, please call us ASAP and we’ll do our best to on-sell that appointment.

I have booked but am also on the waitlist, how does this work?

A – We are continually booked about four to five weeks out BUT don’t let this deter you.  Toni, who manages our bookings, will find out a bit about your problem and triage you for our waitlist.  If an appropriate reservation is vacated, we will call and offer it to those who want that time and day, then it is kind of a ‘race’ to take up that offer.  Always talk to us before making arrangements for an offered spot as more than one person is normally called.

I have been called from the waitlist but can’t make it, does this mean I am still on it?

A – Of course!  We normally offer a position to a few people; we know that you can’t always say, ‘yes’.  We will simply call you with the next suitable offer when it comes up,.. there is no pressure to take it up unless it is right for you.

What payment options can I use?

A – We accept Visa, Master and EFT as well as cheque and cash.  Paypal can be arranged too if required.

Can I pay for an appointment for someone else, or get a gift certificate?

A – YES!  We have all facilities available at the front desk, just talk to us.

Can I pay for my appointment at a later date?

A – All transactions must completed on the day in question. We do our very best to keep our business simple – this means nobody owes or is owed anything.  This is the same for advance payments too.  Life is complex enough without adding extra layers to it.

What are the Booking Conditions?

A – Booking Conditions are based upon mutual respect and responsibility. All parties agree, when setting a reservation, to attend that reservation. We agree to be available to you at our mutually agreed upon appointment time, and you agree to present at that time in a suitably clean state*. You agree to pay for any reservations you set with us whether: attended; unattended without notice; or cancelled on short notice**. Those disputing their responsibility for an unattended appointment or late cancellation** will NOT be booked again, and upon payment of the outstanding fee, treatment notes will be prepared and alternate practitioners offered. All payments are due at time of consultation – we accept cash, cheque, or electronic payments via Paypal (including credit cards).

IMPORTANT: All in-person consultations with me (Craig) MUST be without artificial fragrances or scents. NO exceptions will be made. Any person presenting for in-person work wearing clothes, products or scents with artificial fragrances or scents will not be seen, but will be billed. This is NOT a preference, but a medical requirement. I (Craig) will not sacrifice my health to help someone else gain theirs. I consult with Autistic and PTSD people who are regularly hyper-sensitive and allergic to these same agents, and will not compromise their health or healing. If you are unsure, please call and check. If you are not prepared to present scent free for in-person work, please do not book, as it will waste our time and your money.

* Suitably Clean – Clients who present wearing any scented products (see above), or present with clothing or self with oil, dirt and similar will NOT be seen, nor will those drenched in sweat from work-outs or other activities – this is about mutual respect and professional standards. Please ensure you have enough time to clean up before your appointment time. Again, this includes any scented products including deodorants, personal fragrances, moisturizers, body cremes or any other products, as well as clothes washed in scented detergents and fabric softeners, or incidentally sprayed or contaminated with scents or fragrances. There will be NO exceptions made, and a little is STILL too much.

** Cancelation on Short Notice – are bookings cancelled with less than 36 hours notice before a set appointment time. Note: Late cancelation fees will only be levied if we are unable to on-sell the cancelled time slot.

Please visit our Booking Conditions and Fees page for full details.