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Viruses (Covid, Colds, Flus etc.)

This practice deals with transplant and immunocompromised clients.
We take viral illnesses very seriously for the sake of all.

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Changed conditions around viruses.

Masks are no longer required in health-care settings; however, this practice will continue virus-vigilant operations as a number of my clientele are very high-risk, including respiratory and transplant cases. If we have a highly vulnerable person due in, you may be asked to wear a mask. I do my best to schedule vulnerable patient early and first in the week to avoid this happening.

The clinic policy in a nutshell:

No Restrictions apply if you and your close contacts are all healthy

Mask Required if you are healthy but a close contact has minor symptoms OR if you are on the tail end of symptoms without fever or active illness.

Do Not Attend/Cancel if you or a close contact are actively ill with symptoms


Covid is still with us and is getting more unpleasant the more we learn about its latest tricks. In its latest iterations, it seems to be creating or exacerbating hormonal issues for both sexes, triggering or worsening gut issues, and worsening under-methylation issues. Covid symptoms are now very hard to distinguish from other colds and flus, and testing has become extremely unreliable with false negatives common. (False negative is when a test tells you you’re clear but you’re not).

Gastro is here too! I’m losing several bookings a week to clients with gastro here in SE Qld. It is time to raise our hand-washing game again folks. There is only one way a bug from the bowel gets into a mouth, and that is bad hygiene. 

The unpleasant truth is that 90%+ of all colds, flus and other viral, fungal, and bacterial infections enter the body via fingers going into the nose and is the most common vector of viral infection. Keep your fingers away from your face! Masks DO help in this regard as a physical barrier. To help everyone, not just you, use sanitiser consistently, keep your hands clean, and avoiding touching surfaces you don’t need to.