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There is a plethora of hyped up and sometimes, even dangerous, products offered to help folks with their sexual function or performance. Most of which sell the dream than results. The  products listed here, Provestra (for her) and VigRX Plus (for him) are simple herbal and nutrient formulas that have helped many of my clients find that extra spark.

No tablet is a magic cure. If your diet, fitness or work dominated life is overwhelming you, a tablet is not going to help in any significant way. To make significant changes, you have to make significant change. This might just be a simple as turning off the TV or moving it from your bedroom and playing some music and lighting a few candles instead of being distracted by the outside world.

Please also have a read of the articles to see if some Myotherapy might be better positioned to create beneficial long-term change for you.

The fact that you are reading these words means that you are really serious about improving your sex desire and fulfillment, which is why I wrote this section. Most people will just 'sit and wish' without inserting intent and action into the mix – so well done! Your sexual desire, sexual appetite and sexual function are three different things; each requiring a slightly different approach to remedy dysfunction.

Sexual Desire includes fantasising, thoughts regarding sexual fulfilment, your wish to be engaged in sexual activity and your desire to be sexually engaged.  Sexual desire is a mark of how often you think about sexual things, and how often do you feel open to those things happening.

Sexual Appetite is how much sex, and what quality of sexual expression you require to satisfy your sexual needs. For example, a 'quickie with a great orgasm' might trump an 'all-nighter' with little in the way of that mind-blowing satisfaction that should be a part of pretty much every sexual encounter. There is no judgment, no 'normal' here.  Some folks take a number of orgasms to feel satisfied, some just need 'one, really good one'. Some women need extended vaginal penetration with orgasm, some do not.  Some men require more than intercourse to achieve satisfaction. Your sexual appetite is yours,.. don't let anyone else tell you what you want or need!

Sexual Function is how the anatomy and its function facilitates sexual release.  Following C-section delivery, it is not uncommon for a woman to lose her ability to achieve orgasm or have it changed markedly due to anatomical changes.  Traumas, physical injuries and other surgeries can also significantly alter your body's ability to sexually respond as you want to. Men, you are just as subject to these same issues. The process of achieving and maintaining erection and sexual satisfaction is subject to a complex set of conditions which we mostly never think about until 'forced to'.

The Seven Biggest Hurdles to Sexual Fulfillment

Stress – Family, kids, money, social and career stress all elevate cortisol levels in the body. Whilst cortisol is a natural hormone, it should only 'flow' in times of high systemic stress, 'fight or flight' type of survival situations. It increases the dominance of the sympathetic nervous system to either fight or flee for survival. Sexual desire and function is suppressed by this hormone. Effective and simple stress management measures can help massively in these situations. Herbal remedies, especially those found in Provestra and VigRX Plus can also help when stress is ruling your life and killing your desire.

Exhaustion – A natural lead on from the subject of stress.  If you find the idea of a good night's sleep far more attractive than good sex, you are probably exhausted and you're not alone!  This is a multi-facetted problem, but often resolves to diet, drink and sleep.  In our over-connected world, where mobile phones and computers deliver a constant stream of distractions, focusing attention back to yourself and your partner is a conscious effort.  Nominating a bed-time for electronic devices is a great first step – no external communications between 8pm to 8am is a nice idea which leaves room for recovery and recharging.  A television free night is also a great idea too! Herbal remedies again can help massively here.  We have great internal stores of energy, but accessing them can be tricky,.. again, this is where supplements can help.  The herbal and nutrient formula of Provestra and VigRX Plus can help you to access the place where your sexual self is hiding.

Lack of time – This can be a major hurdle also.  We are used to scheduling everything else in our lives, running to clocks and calendars, but we still expect our sex to be spontaneous and impulsive!  This might have worked in the days before the internet, but not now.  A great first step to a better sex life is to actually have a date night with your significant other,.. get the kids minded or in bed early with a DVD, turn off your TV, light a candle and already have in place an agreed, "no real world stuff tonight" policy.  A "you and me" night, where you and your partner can be a couple again.  The only way to find time is to schedule it in, just like everything else in your life.

Hormonal changes – A natural part of every adult's life. How many times have you heard this and wanted to throw something? Yes, hormonal changes are a part of every person's life, but they needn't impact sexual desire and fulfillment like they do.  Many herbal and nutritional formulas are tailored to evening out the hormonal speed bumps and regulating the 'downs', with Provestra and VigRX Plus again the best on the market that I know of. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) with synthetic hormones can be a significant challenge as they do not act completely like your own hormones. Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) uses hormones which act exactly like your natural hormones, allowing many functions to continue/improve when compared to synthetic HRT. Talk to your doctor about a BHRT option.

Vaginal Dryness – A complex part of the sexual cycle of the female body.  From issues relating to hormones, emotions, exhaustion and physical functional potential, just about everything effects vaginal lubrication.  Whilst Provestra has a number of agents shown to assist vaginal lubrication, sometimes it is easier to use a little lubrication with many excellent products available from pharmacies. Vigorelle is a topical crème which acts as a stimulant, increasing sensation and sensitivity, often increasing natural lubrication and allowing easier achievement of orgasm/s.  It feels quite cold to the initial application, but 'warms' up as you do. Men, this is a major factor in continuing desire; take the time to let your lady catch up and give her body time to prepare; it will be far more enjoyable for both of you – leading to more opportunities!

Technique – Probably the bit we least like to think about,.. is our technique lacking?  Often the answer is 'yes'.  There are some excellent books which offer a variety of different ideas and solutions to various challenges couples can have.  Whether it is him not lasting long enough or you feeling like you are 'chasing but not catching' the orgasm, there are practical solutions. Often as simple as a bit of training (him) or altering your position slightly with something as simple as a pillow under you bottom to make the clitoris more accessible.  Simple technique improvement can make a world of difference and studying technique, like all other skills in your life, can improve the outcome markedly.

Communication – Your partner continues to try to give you what they want, not what you want.  First, you are probably doing the same,.. it is a natural thing which is only problematic when those things are different (they often are!).  Communication is key.  Schedule nights where the total focus in on one person, with each showing and telling exactly what they want to feel totally turned on and satisfied.  Not only can this be quite surprising, even to couples who have been together for a long time, it is an excellent way of getting some intimacy back.  Be playful and honest and non-judgemental.  Never use terms like, "you never get this bit right…" or, "I wish you'd do… once in a while"!  Defensiveness totally trumps and negates intimacy.  Use terms like, "… really turns me on, especially when you do it like this…" or, "I'd really love it if you …" Find a willing 'student' in your partner and there are pay-offs for all! 


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