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Human Growth Hormone, hGH, is one of the single most important hormones in the human body, directly responsible or modulating many facets of life including moods, libido, immunity, growth, health, weight control (and weight loss), mental acuity, muscle gain, physical endurance and recovery and much, much more. Often referred to as a "Master Hormone" in clinical literature, there is virtually no part of being human that hGH is not involved in.

Human Growth Hormone, hGH, is made by a tiny gland which is roughly in the centre of the head, the anterior pituitary gland (found underneath the hypothalamus). There are multiple factors in both activating and inhibiting the activity of the a.pituitary gland; it remains able to produce as much as the body requires for pretty much the entire lifetime of the normal human. The Anterior Pituitary gland's hGH production peaks in activity and activation in the late teens to early twenties for most people.

Over time, the receptors which activate the a.pituitary's hGH production begin to 'fail'; things like over-eating, lack of exercise, high blood sugar, alcohol and other intoxicants all play a major role in this process. The end result is that whilst the a.pituitary gland is capable of making heaps of hGH throughout one's life, it no longer receives the signals to trigger the required levels of hGH production and this is a major mechanism of ageing. In effect, it is our self-abuse of our own health that is the major factor in our ageing and our hGH levels falling.

When the body's hGH levels drop, all the other systems which rely on it also falter or slow. The first signs are recovery and healing takes a little longer, fat starts to accumulate faster and become harder to shift, skin quality begins to fail, losing elasticity and thickness. In other words, low hGH levels are consistent with all of the generally accepted symptoms of ageing.

There are a number of excellent (but often misquoted) studies which suggest strongly that raising the blood levels of hGH can reverse many, if not all of these symptoms (within reason of course). One of the worst lies out there is that taking hGH supplements will increase life-span – this is crap! All of the studies [of any repute] have shown that life-spans remain within the typical control range BUT life quality is elevated – with any life-span extension due more to the higher levels of physical fitness springing from the lack of age related infirmities and illnesses than simply from elevated levels of hGH. It is a hormone, not a magical elixir!

Health is the goal. Good, vital, youthful health. To safely raise hGH levels, one must first consider how powerful hGH is, how important it is, and how critical a good hormonal balance is to your health. If hGH is artificially raised by direct supplementation, a major hormonal imbalance is the only possible outcome. Messing with hGH levels will effect pretty much every system in the body, and it is hard to underestimate how badly this can effect the health and quality of life of those who treat this subject lightly.

Of the available methods to boost hGH levels in the body, the most logical, safest and most obvious is to enable the body to 'hear' and heed the internal signals to make hGH again. This is the method I endorse. By using a combination of amino-acids (proteins) and other nutrients, the body's 'muting' of the receptors can be reversed, allowing or enabling the anterior pituitary gland to resume peak production of natural levels of hGH and the other hormones needed to balance the body. Doesn't it make sense to heal the systems responsible for accurate and natural production of hGH, rather than to fight those systems by injecting hGH?

I suggest that a class of nutriceutical supplements called hGH Secretagogues be used to help the body re-activate its own hGH production, along with the other hormones needed to keep everything in balance. This is healing the body's systems, returning its hormone (hGH) production capability back to what we had in our twenties; in balance and in health!

This is not about quick fixes; it is about long term health and vitality. Helping to restore the body's ability to make and maintain its optimum hormonal balance is the end goal and every product mentioned in this site has to have that same goal to be included.

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