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The links below are ones that we have found to be either very useful, excellent reading or just plain good information.   

As these websites are ones that are not administered or written by Ashmore Health Centre Pty Ltd (AHC) we can not be held responsible for their content, accuracy or point of view.   

We have actually included links that we might have philosophical or practical disagreements with, but in the balance, feel that these links represent a balanced and strong alternate or complementary point of view.

If you would like to have a link added to your site, please email us with your website url.

Please note that these are LINKS, not endorsements, guarantees of content etc. either by the AHC or those being linked to.  AHC has no control over their content, just as they have no control over ours. The sites linked to below are sites which we either use on a week to week basis, or we use as sources of information.

As mentioned in the home page, all health information found on the internet, TV, radio etc. should be checked with your health care professional before acting on information from any source, regardless of how authoritative or convincing it is. Often there is information in your individual history which would change the applicability of such information, and that is why you have your health care professional.


Craig's Recommendations Learn Spanish at Spanish ProgramsVisual Link Spanish is one of the most effective and fastest ways I have found to come to grips with a new language for those with an English speaking background. A Latin based language, Spanish is an excellent introduction to the concepts and construction of all Latin based languages and is very close in structure and vocabulary to Italian.
Craig's other sites – Craig's personal site. – Craig's physics site, currently undergoing a full re-write. – A discussion of modern shamanism and shamanic background concepts, techniques and more.

Online Directory Made in AustraliaUse Nature is an online directory which has grown over years to become one of the best in Australia.







Use this directory to find Complementary and Alternative therapists by name, modality or region, easily and without fuss.

Suppliers and Industry Links
China Books


Electronic Journals and Periodicals

Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
Emerging Infectious Diseases
Electronic Medical Journal of Australia (the Journal of the AMA)
Medscape – online resource of excellence
The Lancet – professional medical journal


Government Medical Links
Centre for Disease Control and Prevention


Professional Associations
Australian Physiotherapy Association
Australian Natural Therapists Association
Association of Remedial Massuers


Educational Links
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology – Complementary Medicine

Orthoteers Orthopaedic Education Resource – The largest Orthopaedic e-textbook on the Web.
Southern Cross University – School of natural and Complementary Medicine

A popular website for on-line pharmaceutical and medical information resources.


Other Sites

Craig Berry

Craig Berry's personal home page.










Discussions on life, the universe and everything.

Quantum Temporal Dynamics

 Link to for discussion on the quantum nature of our physical universe.



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