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About Craig Berry

I work on the principle that if I can help you, you will know it after the first visit. I will give you an honest opinion on the likelihood of my techniques helping you, and I will tell you if I feel there is another therapist better suited to address your complaint, and happily refer you to them.

Much of my work is based on cranio-sacral techniques, visceral manipulation techniques (long lever), and my own development and /or adaptations of low amplitude and low velocity musculoskeletal releases, as well as some myofascial trigger point and PNF techniques.

I commenced practice in 1987 and began lecturing massage and remedial therapies in 1988 for the Academy of Natural Therapies; for which I was appointed to Dean of Remedial Therapies in 1991, going on to expanding ANT's Remedial Therapies curriculum as far as the Academy would allow. We parted company in 1994.

In 1995, I moved my successful, but home-based business, to Bay Street in Southport (Gold Coast), founding the embryo of what would become the Southport Health Centre, which was officially formed in mid 1998 after literally moving just up Bay street, from number 24 to number 9.

At the same time I opened my own college teaching Remedial Therapies. I offered a greatly intensified Remedial Therapies courses which quickly gained a reputation as a tough course which only the dedicated would 'survive'. The expected student input was a little over 600 hours and 18 months of study, compared to courses offering similar qualifications in 6 weeks.

I also dedicated myself to redefining my practice and knowledge from the ground up, moving into a more academically based set of understandings. This knowledge drive quickly made itself apparent in my college's courses, with graduates of my newly renamed (1998) Australian College of Clinical Myotherapy enjoying a reputation of quality and knowledge making them much sought after in the private sector. I am proud to know that a high percentage of my graduates are still in successful practice.

Today, my practice as a Clinical Myotherapist finds me using many innovative techniques developed and adapted over my time in clinic. In recent years, I have specialized in helping people with problems that have defied many varied attempts at treatment.

My treatments and techniques do not involve "manipulations" (crunching), but are based on mobilizing the body's joints by freeing the movement potential of the tissues that control the distressed joints. They are for the most part painless, fast and incredibly effective, with most clients wondering if anything is being done during the first visit; that is until they get up from the table and feel the effects!

I have been involved in working with and condition coaching (professional) Australian and World champions in fields as diverse as field athletics, golf, tennis, aquatics, professional boxing and Muay Thai. I have direct experience in dance and meeting the specific needs of dancers . I consulted constantly until leaving Australia in 2013 with trainers and coaches seeking guidance in designing conditioning programs specific to an individual sports person and their sport to get the competitive edge or eliminate recurrent injuries.

A large part of any practitioner's education comes in the form of workshops and seminars and I have participated in a multitude of symposia and courses conducted by RMIT, The Kauffmann Institute, the Manual Therapy Institute, GCIT, Sports Medicine Australia, Upledger Institute, and many others.

Brief Professional Timeline for Craig Berry:

1987 – Diploma of Remedial Therapies; Academy of Natural Therapies.

1988 – Commenced lecturing Swedish Massage and co-lecturing Remedial Therapies; Academy of Natural Therapies.

1991 – Installed as Dean of Remedial Therapies; Academy of Natural Therapies (until 1994).

1995 – Founds Bay Street Natural Therapies, a multi-disciplinary clinic in Southport (Gold Coast of Queensland).

1995 – Founds Queensland College of Physical Therapies offering a 1.5 year Remedial Therapies course.

1998 – Renames clinic to Southport Health Centre to reflect the more orthodox orientation of the clinic.

1998 – Renames College to Australian College of Clinical Myotherapy (ACCM), reflecting alterations in college orientation towards a far more academic style of myotherapy course.

2002 – Places ACCM in a hiatus whilst furthering own studies and bending to demands on time from other interests.  Guest lecturing only to present day.

2006 – Moves from Southport to Ashmore Plaza Shopping Centre in Ashmore, renaming the clinic to Ashmore Health Centre.

2012 – Relocates clinic to Parkside Offices, 151 Cotlew St, after selling the shop in Ashmore Plaza.

2013 – (May 30) Closed practice and completed writing of a novel. Went to Spain for an extended time.

2014 – Relocated to Peru.

2017 – September – Returned from Peru to Australia, opening back up to limited practice and re-skilling/certifying for the next phase of working with Autism Spectrum adults and Traumatic Stress Disorders.


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